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Ottawa’s premier cannabis delivery service!

Free delivery across Ottawa and Gatineau

Open Monday – Saturday

Order Between 12 – 6PM and Deliveries 6pm – 9pm

Text us: 613-702-4872

Our Delivery Zones
Delivery Zones

Delivery Zones

Red: 80$ Delivery Mininum
Green: 120$ Delivery Minimum
Yellow: 120$ + 20$ Delivery Fee

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“WeedTree is for real”

To everyone dat are in Greely WeedTree is for real let me say it again WeedTree is for real fast than Rogers and bell Internet there 4g WeedTree is the fastest like Usain bolt 9.58 sec. I was told about White Russian I’m telling u I’m flying and I still can do work around the house thanks weedtree!

“Top quality rosin service”

The rosin is some of the best I’ve ever had. I ordered the last of the King Louis and even got a little extra of the Gorilla Glue that was freshly pressed. Both were out of this world. Bravo

“Amazing service + products”

They were really quick with responses and accurate with time estimations when it came to delivery. Their flower was nice and potent and not dry/flaky! It was a very nice indica high. They also gave me a free edible grape lollipop which was delicious! 10/10 would recommend!